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The Ocean Pro is a great value when you want to keep it simple without sacrificing durability or features. A combination of 1600 and 500 denier Fadeless nylon makes it tough. Superior fit and finish make it comfortable. And the Alliance Inflator system makes it convenient. Only Oceanic can pack 2 Velcro pockets, integrated ergonomic backpack with carrying handle, 4 strategically placed D-ring attachment points, and adjustable cummerbund into such an affordably priced BC. Chest strap is optional. The Ocean Pro may be purchased with or without Oceanic’s patented QLR Quick Lock & Release System (this one is without the weight pockets). If you choose not to buy them with your BC, you will have 2 additional storage pockets and may add the QLR Weight Pockets at any time. Your weights stay in position throughout the dive and do not shift around affecting buoyancy or position in the water.
The weight pouches are simple to load and easy to release. Ergonomically designed to be functional and easy to use in any dive position, the Alliance Integrated Inflator provides a full range of airway exhaust/inflation control. Simply press a button to produce precise flow for trimming dive attitude or maximum flow for major changes in buoyancy. A large exhaust valve creates a flow rate higher than the inflation rate of the power inflator, improving diver control during ascents.
Oceanic’s cummerbund offers up to 8″ of adjustment to fit a wide range of sizes. For additional customization, the cummerbund may be easily changed with another size. Extra heavy duty padded backpack provides comfort both above and below the surface without having to sacrifice the stability of a hard backpack.

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