How we got started?

Because of our love for diving and more than 20 years of diving, we have decided to open a dive shop that would cater to all the needs of divers. From classes, dive travel and quality equipment.

Diver’s Depot caters to all divers and people who want to become divers. We offer dive education, dive travel and equipment for beginners to more advanced divers.

We have 5 experienced instructors that can help you get certified or further your diving knowledge. We also offer freediving courses by the only PADI certified freediving instructor in the country.

We also offer dive packages from domestic to international. Click here for our regular and upcoming trips.

Diving is all about equipment, so we have a wide selection of equipment. From basic dive gear to more technical equipment.

Our Mission

To educate competent divers, offer unforgettable dive experiences and provide high quality equipment to every one.

Our Vision

To have a one stop shop for divers and potential divers that can provide all their needs.